Dilmah is a family-owned tea brand defined by its closeness to nature. In cooperation with popular independent artists - Mikromusic, Mela Koteluk and Skubas, we have created a series of music videos and songs inspired by Dilmah’s DNA. This highly popular and innovative project helped Dilmah to differentiate from a host of generic, corporate competitors.

We have been cooperating with the Under Twenty brand since 2014. In the era of selfie, retouching and embellishing reality, teenagers have a difficult battle for self-esteem. We wanted to show them that true confidence comes from within them and encourage them to enjoy their own unique qualities. Under 20 became the ambassador of this approach. #Lubiesiebie is a brand communication platform we created from the portfolio of Dr Irena Eris Laboratorium Kosmetyczne.

We are a creative agency specializing in brand-building initiatives catering to the values and aspirations of modern urban consumers.

We develop communication at the intersection of popular culture, design and branded content.

  • Strategy & Creative - integrated works
  • Social Media - service, content, media
  • Digital Content - photo & video, motion design
  • Technology - web development, applications
  • PR - media & influencer relations

Our ideas and concepts help brands stand out.