We have been working with Watchout Studio, Poland’s hottest movie production company, since 2012. We were responsible for strategy and communication (PR, social media, creative concepts) of some of the top-grossing movies in modern Poland - “Bogowie” (dir. Ł. Palkowski) and "The Art of Loving. The Story of Michalina Wisłocka” (dir. M. Sadowska). Our team also carries out promotional activities for the upcoming premiere of “The Coldest Game”, starring Bill Pullman and directed by Łukasz Kośmicki.

For PURO, Poland’s fast growing group of design-minded hotels and restaurants we serve as a key creative partner. We are responsible for full spectrum of communication activities - from day-to-day management of social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin) to creative direction of brand activations and collaborations with artists and creatives.

Our long time client, the global spirits giant Diageo, asked us to help bring Bulleit brand of bourbon to the Polish market. Since then we’ve created a communication platform based on cooperation with independent craft brands, urban culture and key partners (Unsound, OFF Camera, tattoo conventions). We’ve developed the concept of product collaborations between U.S-based bourbon brand and Polish artisans and makers - including cult craft brewers Inne Beczki.

Singleton is a single malt Scotch whiskey. In its communication, the brand focuses on moments of celebrations and joy. For Diageo, the owner of the Singleton, we conduct content-rich activations based on collaborations with over 30 menswear influencers and opinion leaders.

Naked Juice (PepsiCo) is a brand of high quality fruit smoothies with its Power.Full.City slogan drawing fresh inspiration from bustling cities. We are responsible for day to day communication of brand’s Power.Full.City platform on Polish and Czech markets as well as cross-channel brand activations with influencers and creative partners.

Dilmah is a family-owned tea brand defined by its closeness to nature. In cooperation with popular independent artists - Mikromusic, Mela Koteluk and Skubas, we have created a series of music videos and songs inspired by Dilmah’s DNA. This highly popular and innovative project helped Dilmah to differentiate from a host of generic, corporate competitors.

For over 4 years we have been responsible for the communication of Reebok Classic in Poland. Our work, combining innovative branded content activations with creative direction of local photo shoots and ads, has been crucial in bringing this iconic brand to the modern streetwear consumer base. We have restored the iconic sneaker brand to its right glory by creating pioneering initiatives on the Polish market like the Reebok Classic Trax music label. We have developed a series of branded content activations. The brand again became popular among young, metropolitan areas.

We have been cooperating with the Under Twenty brand since 2014. In the era of selfie, retouching and embellishing reality, teenagers have a difficult battle for self-esteem. We wanted to show them that true confidence comes from within them and encourage them to enjoy their own unique qualities. Under 20 became the ambassador of this approach. #Lubiesiebie is a brand communication platform we created from the portfolio of Dr Irena Eris Laboratorium Kosmetyczne.

We are a creative agency specializing in brand-building initiatives catering to the values and aspirations of modern urban consumers.

We develop communication at the intersection of popular culture, design and branded content.

  • Strategy & Creative - integrated works
  • Social Media - service, content, media
  • Digital Content - photo & video, motion design
  • Technology - web development, applications
  • PR - media & influencer relations

Our ideas and concepts help brands stand out.